Friday, December 10, 2010

Nogrape's Tupac Theory

  Ok, I'm gonna do something different today.  I'm gonna post a 3-part Tupac Conspiracy Theory on here.  1st Part will be this post, 2nd Part next post, and 3rd Part post after next.  I don't know how many people are into rap, and/or Tupac...but I definitely am.  I think he was, and is, the best rapper.  This isn't my theory.  It's been out there for years.  Posted by someone named Nograpes.  He/she use to have a website, but it was taken down by the Government...damn.  

  Anyway, this is by far the best Theory I've seen out there, with lots of details and information.  Some of it can be seen as far-fetched, but then again, if you have money, most anything can be done.  Some of you might not be able to read the whole thing, because it is long.  Many may also argue he is dead, or alive.  I really don't know for sure...but it'd be cool if he were alive still.  It's a good read, especially for u Tupac fans, and conspiracy nuts.  Hope u all enjoy it. 

The Nograpes Theory:

Part I:

For those who may not know, or may have forgotten, my belief is
simple[well not exactly lol] I believe that the attempted assassination of
Tupac Shakur was a part of an on-going plot [set-up etc] that
involves the following people: The New York Black Mafia[Paffy],
Agents, working both for the FBI and other "unknown" organizations,
and Marion "Suge" Knight [and the various people who worked for him etc].
But those three main people/groups together. Whether directly or indirectly
had part in the "assassination" of Tupac.

Let me start off my "theory" with some very important quotes from
the open letter, written by Dr. Mutulu Shakur.
"Surely, the FBI was in Las Vegas on Sep. 7, 1996"--Shakur
"AFENI and I have never supported a Crip vs Blood feud as presented
by the Las Vegas Police concerning our son's assossination. And, I
have always pushed the "Codes of the Thug Life"--Shakur.

"If our families (SHAKURS) lack of respense to rumors and allegations
contributed to any confusion as to what principle we stand on; let it
be known and clear!! We do not believe in COINCIDENCES."

"Tupac in his Makaveli record clearly changed his wrongful view of
who shot him and who was heading it in New York, and why"--Shakur

For those who may have forgotten, I asked many times: "why do you
guys think BIGGIE's name was not mentioned on the Makaveli
album?" (There were a few references to him by the Outlawz
though, just not by Tupac)

"Tupac revised his wrongful (stance) against Biggie's involvement
concerning his shooting in New York. And he wanted his "Fans" to
know it"--Shakur

-But does Tupac mention the Black Mafia? YES, KING TUT!
-But does Tupac mention Puffy? Yes he does!
-But does Tupac mention the Feds? Yes he does!
-But does Tupac mention Suge?...YES HE -----DOES! "SUGE SHOT

  So, this first part is short.  The next is very long, and has all the info and details.  Also, there is another post out there, somewhere, about the whole Black Mafia, and their believed role played in Tupac's death.  I don't recall what site it's on at the moment, but I'll post it on the next part...or if people want...after this 3 part series, I can post that one too.  Hope u all hagd. 


  1. Good post. I have always believed Puffy and Suge Knight were behind Tupacs death

  2. tupac's my favorite rapper... looking forward to the next 2 parts... i'm a sucker for conspiracy theories

  3. yeah im with noog...gotta love conspiracies...this should be great lookin forward to the rest.

  4. Interestingly enough, not all that into that sort of rap - but, I have heard a fair bit about the whole business surrounding Tupac. Interesting stuff.

  5. I've always believed Tupac was Spock's father.

  6. keep it coming, id like to see where this goes. Tupac isnt spock's father?

  7. tupac is very much dead. infact. he is dreading in hell as a demon spirit because of the way he died.

  8. Glad u like it. I love conspiracy theories too. And, IDK he might be Spock's Father...lmao
    Truth< That may very well be true. But, people still think Elvis is alive. lol