Tuesday, November 30, 2010


-  I will never quit until I have made it to where I want to be and have what I want to have.
- What one man can do another can do.
- What no man can do, I can do.
- I will not let anyone fuck with my head
- I will not fail
- I will not give up
- I will take advantage of every moment
- I will not allow myself to regret anything I do
- I will not waste my time with a stupid bitch
- I will demand my respect at all times
- I will KILL anyone who disrespects my family, no matter who it is.
- I will be loyal to all my homies
- I will not sell out
- I will be what no one says I can be
- I will not fuck a bitch just for the hell of it
- I will not lose focus
- I will always keep faith
- I will be optimistic
- I will always be mentally and physically strong
- I will not let a homie take advantage of me
- I will not settle for living average
- I will not be poor ever again
- I will totally trust no one but myself
- I will not put my life in another persons hands
- I will not waste time
- I will not waste my life
- I will not fuck up my life on drugs
- I will not feel bad and get down even if I lose my job, lose my girl, lose my car or whatever.  I am not WEAK.
- I will not be punked
- I will stand by my beliefs
- I will never hit a woman
- I will never hurt a child
- I will not let emotions cloud my judgment or control my mind or body
- I will only make progress and never take a step back in life
- I will not let the pain in my heart cause my soul to die
- I will not cry (unless a member of my family dies) Not for anything!!!
- I will face my fears and conquer them as they come
- I will not run away from anything
- I will not fear death or hate life
- I WILL SUCCEED!!!!  C.G. Lucas

My Poem

Sometimes I wonder what life is about
Sometimes I wonder if I've chose the wrong route
Sometimes I wonder who would care if I was gone
Sometimes it's hard to continue to live on
Sometimes it hurts too much to love
Sometimes you have to look for help above
Sometimes I wish that I could just die
Sometimes I must live, so I sigh
Sometimes I suffer 'cause I'm alone
Sometimes I hurt so much I jones
Sometimes life causes so much pain
Sometimes I have too much disdain
Sometimes love plays me a fool
Sometimes I just smile and play it cool
Sometimes I look at you and hurt
Sometimes you don't notice so I invert
Sometimes this world is so crazy
Sometimes it makes me want to push up daisies