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Nogrape's Tupac Theory Part Duex

  Well, since I have had a few of you comment on this, and seem interested I figured I'd just post the 2nd Part.  It's gonna be Christmas, or it's the Holiday season, so WTH.   I'll try and post the last part tomorrow afternoon.  So, enjoy.  Oh, and this one is long.

Nograpes Theory Part II:

I was planning to dive right into the "investigative" aspect of
my theory, but I have decided to save it for the conclusion [parts 6 &
7]. *Nograpes only posted 3 parts.  The investigative is included 
in this Part II near the end.*

 Part II is going to explain: (1) How I think Tupac survived;
(2) Whom I believe helped him do it; (3) Why this is all necessary
[motivation]; and (4) What I think the last piece of the puzzle is.

I [think] the Black Liberation Army (BLA) helped Tupac "evade" death.
BLA's Commander & Chief [was] John Thomas. No facts and No specific
data is revealed regarding the activity of the BLA in order to protect
people who are either functioning in the BLA, [Tupac], or who have
been apart of it. (The BLA is basically a secret underground, not
many people believe they are still "active". "The Black Liberation
Army is a politico-military organization, whose primary objective is to
fight for the independence and self-determination of Afrikan, and
other oppressed people in the United States."

"BPP-BLA, "comrade" Assata Shakur was liberated, and BLA soldiers
were captured during Nyack Brinks armored car expropriation
[Mutulu Shakur was one of them the "mastermind"]

I. Understand these terms: COMRADE, and MASTERMIND.

Definition of Mastermind: A highly intelligent person, especially one
who plans and directs a complex or difficult project.

Definition of Comrade: A fellow member of a fraternal group, political party,
etc. Also: A member of the Communist party, or someone with strongly leftist

A. Know that Tupac is both a comrade and a mastermind. Take note [that]
his only uses of the word came at the "end" in the Makaveli album
etc...Various times he mentions "his" comrades, we also hear
speeches from some mixed in with songs, he mentions Sekou Odinga
[Yafeu Fulu's father], Geronimo Pratt, Mutulu, Mumia, etc. as his

I. The murder of BLA Commander John Thomas in September 1996
[in Las Vegas, NV] as well as Dr. Shakur's statement from "part
I" ["Surely the FBI was in Las Vegas on Sept. 7, 1996"] is more
than enough "evidence" to me, that Agents were present.

[Remember the MURDER TAPE? Well it was first introduced to you
all as a "SURVEILLANCE VIDEO."]  How many times has Tupac stated
that he was "under Surveillance" by the Feds?  About a dozen [more on that later]

Tupac had a plan for that night.  He knew going to Las Vegas was
unavoidable [it is a common fact that he repeatedly told Suge he
didn't want to go]. *He also told his bodyguard Michael Moore, 
and I think even mentioned it to his other bodyguard Frank White.*

However, he didn't go alone, his Comrades [who waited anxiously to
attack the first Agent they saw] were watching Tupac. Agents
concerned with the assassination "stopped" the BMW [if you recall,
the excuse was "loud music"] in order to create a change of plans.
You see Tupac never expected to get shot that night, he planned to
go to WAR! But something happened and I'm not sure what, but
John Thomas ended up dead, and Tupac was successfully "shot 4x's"
[Lord knows what else they did] *warlike codes are dispatched to
other comrades...MAU MAU UNTIS, RIDE OR DIE - RIDE OR DIE!
Do you know what it means? It means: "the enemy is here, kill or be killed."
Javana Thomas: the 19 year old daughter of John and Ignae Thomas, was
"undercover" as a Paramedic. [who called for an ambulance? They say it
was metro bike cops, but they never identified those men so they are full
of shit in my opinion, besides I like my theory much better and I can prove
half of it] Javana arrived to the location with another comrade, no one
suspected anything, and they took Tupac away in an ambulance!!  All I
know is Tupac got to the hospital, and Javana was found dead in a
medical uniform! [Fact or fiction? Go to your local library and look up old
articles] It is my belief that the mystery "paramedics" were BLA souljas....

There are so many theories out there on who killed Tupac. My theory is
quite simple and to the point. Anyone who knows anything about
COINTELPRO would easily see this as another one of the government's
plots to create dissention amongst black people. See, I see it like this. The
government at some level was involved in the death of our comrade. By
assassinating Bro. Tupac, this would cause an all out war from east to
west.  They used Tupac's anger towards east coast rappers as a stimulus
to create a war amongst us. If the US can find a microchip in a trackload
of sugar, surely they can find those responsible. There are cameras all over
Las Vegas, yet, not one was in the vicinity of the shooting? Conveniently
all the evidence pointed to Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson (the beating
victim earlier that evening). And then he was killed.

Then we look at the murder of Yaki Khaddafi in New Jersey. You have
to look at a lot of things to understand what's going on. If this was all an
operation to help Tupac avoid prison in New York and to leave Death
Row....The Black Liberation Army is the one group who could've made
it happen.

If you think you're not understanding that Tupac was very close to, and
apart of, the Black Liberation Army [the new generation] he is commander
now of the Code of Arms: THUG LIFE.  The BLA & Tupac did make it
happen. Note: John Thomas and Ignae Thomas took care of Sekiyma
Shakur [Tupac's little sister] when Afeni started using drugs. Tupac went
on about his career [early days w/ digital underground, etc] He went to
Atlanta to get "Training" from Mr. John Thomas himself.  They are all
one big extended family of "souljahs," just want to make that clear,
in case you're not sure why the BLA would have been involved, and
Tupac is the BLA.

Investigative Aspect:

The day of his death , "I Aint Mad At Cha" and "Life Goes On" are
released, both of which talk about his death. According to Chris Reid,
"I Aint Mad At Cha" talks about forgiving a friend who was present at
his death, or possibly set him up. Yeah, wassup Suge? Everybody knows
you killed his ass, BUT ONLY I KNOW YOU JUST TRIED TO.......

A "drive by" is defined as: when shots are fired from a "moving" vehicle.
There was no drive by, cause the vehicle was not moving, and the
assailant(s) got out of the vehicle. So why was the BMW shot so many
times if the shooter had direct contact? Cause it was suppose to look like
a drive by.  Why was Tupac found in the back seat?  If he moved in the
back seat and they sprayed the car that much with him and Suge still in it,
then how the fuck was he hit only 4x, lol, and Suge not at all?  Common
sense. [Watch CSI or something]  *Too me this is a little confusing.  
Also, Suge was grazed by 1 bullet on his head...all those shots and 
only 1 grazes him...hmmm. lol*

The shooter got out of the vehicle, the vehicle was not moving....[It is
a fact, not a belief, that the shooter approached the car, Suge said
that himself (he slipped up)]. Tupac got his finger shot or cut off [it
was missing.  How exactly has not yet been determined]  How do we
know it's missing?  An interview with rapper Yo-Yo.  Reports from
David Pugh of UMC [newspaper articles from 1996 with comments
from the director of media relations stating he had several wounds,
including a missing middle finger]. His injuries imply that there was
some type of struggle.

09/1996 Tupac stayed at the Luxor Hotel. After the incident with
"Orlando Anderson" he went back to his room.  He was upset cuz
he was suppose to meet up with the Outlawz, but they didn't show!!!

How do we know this? A worker at the Luxor Hotel told reporters
of Tupac's odd behavior.  She said "He came to the front desk more
than 5x in 30 minutes asking if his friends came looking for him or
left a message.  Even after I told him no he said "are you sure?"  I
would say he was a little paranoid or nervous about something".

Yassmyn Fulu, one of the [remaining] Outlawz, "That's blood in my eye"
she says, "blood in my eye." If you don't know what it means, it
means betrayal, but so deep that now she wants revenge, she sees
only their blood.

Why didn't the Outlawz meet Tupac at the MGM?  LOL damn!!!! Fear is
stronger than love, however, comrade Kadafi is different.  He was aware
and was purposely held back from getting to where Pac was. Even
witness's say Kadafi was on the other side of the hospital lobby when
the rest of the Outlawz were on the opposite side.  Why did he keep his
distance?  He knew shit was foul, guess what guys? THAT'S WHY HE'S
DEAD!  You think he was gonna be quiet?  That's Tupac's family [the
people involved in the movement considered themselves one big family.
That's why Yaki and Pac grew up so close, plus for those who ain't
knowin', SEKOU ODINGA, member of the BLA, in prison for life, is
Yaki's father.  So the feds wanted him too....  *Also, the Vegas Detective 
who was on the case, forget his name at the moment, has said that 
Kadafi was the only one willing to come forward with a statement, 
and said he had seen the gunmen.  But for some reason, he went back 
to New Jersey, and was suppose to return to answer questions, but he 
was killed before he had the chance.

Tupac got ------over big time.

Suge Knight would have been clear if he wouldn't have gotten greedy,
cause of his greed Tupac figured out what was really going on....
Tupac made a call to Yassmyn Fulu to set up the down payment for
the new building that was suppose to house Euthanasia Records....
Yassmyn calls Pac back.....

"There is no money in your account"

"What?!" Tupac is pissed, REASON WHY THE CONTRACT IS
suppose to be paid a "$1 million advance for 3 albums, non-refundable and
due upon signing [Sept. 16, 1995] "$1.5 million for publishing [Tupac wrote
all his lyrics] "$500,000 due upon receiving "R U Still Down."  "$500,000
due upon receiving "untitled final album" [which of course was later called
Makaveli: the don Killuminati 7 day theory]

"For Tupac A. Shakur Total amounts paid shall be $4.75 million for 3 albums
[2.25 refundable] which the following projects add $1 million each:
"Live To Tell" [screenplay]

"Before I sign, these things must be included and the changes must be
made.  The option clause must be voluntary" [all figures from actual
contract] Tupac FIRED David Kenner....and then he thought!  He
thought long and hard...

Suge is my friend why would he not pay me? etc etc etc, Tupac started
putting shit together thinking about everything...he tested Suge.

"I think I'm gonna go to Atlanta to work things out with my family..."-Pac

"No you have to come to Vegas man..."-Suge

Something else to ponder: the reason why Tupac stayed "alive" so long is
cause Suge is greedy.  He liked the money Tupac was making for him,
but he was suppose to get rid of him ASAP [ha! that's why it didn't work,
he took too long]  Everything got rushed, because Pac fired David Kenner
and officially LEFT Death Row.  Suge knew he had to hurry up and do it
while people assumed they were so "close," that way most people wouldn't
think of him as a suspect cause he was a "friend."  But this would have
went down...say in September of 1997, and Pac would have had his own
company up and running with no more ties to Death Row....he would be
looked at differently...don't even let me get started on Travon Lane.  He
really fucked up by going to Club 662 [which is really derived from the
California penal code for death row [662], not the letters M.O.B. from
the telephone key pad lol] Tray got to the club and told people "Pac
just got shot by that crip we jumped earlier at the MGM, Baby Lane
[Orlando Anderson] hence, he began spreading their "alibi."  *Just my
own note:  I actually think the 662 was done for both purposes.  For 
the penal code of death row, since the company name is Death Row, 
and M.O.B. since it has two meanings:  Money Over Bitches, which 
is what Suge seemed to believe, and Member Of Bloods, which Suge 

LOL, someone please explain how the hell Tray knew that?  When #1
they all said they didn't see the shooters [they lied] #2 Suge lied cause
he said he didn't know who shot Pac or have any idea, plus #3,
everyone who was following behind the BMW was held at the scene
by the police...So how did Tray, Buntry, Neckbone and Heron [who
just so happened to all be riding in one car together [4 men!] get away?

How did they get away?  Why weren't they held?  How?  Why?
Impossible!  They did it!  That's how they got away!  Tupac was
caught off guard cuz the people who pulled up next to him were
familiar faces!!!  BUNTRY is no blood, he is a member of the
BOUNTY KILLAS, and they are known for killing anyone for price!!!

*****That was just a couple of key points I wanted to make before
continuing on with my "theory."  It is important that you keep the
above information in mind while I continue on with my theory,
otherwise you will get confused.  This is a very complex theory and
I'm doing my best to explain it as clear as possible.

One person's theory is another statement of the facts?

I put a lot of time into the theories I write. I spend countless hours
gathering correct dates, and specific facts to back up the majority of
what I say, and for that reason I tend to be extremely sensitive to
any opposition that is not also supported with substantial evidence.
My theory differs from that of others cause I believe it 100%. I
really cannot stress the amount of appreciation I have for you all that take
the time to read my thoughts, findings and facts.-Nograpes*****


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