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Nogrape's Tupac Theory Part III

  Ok all.  This is the final part of the nograpes theory.  Sorry for not posting earlier.  Spent the day with my kids, and just got them in bed.  So haven't been on until now.  This third part is a little long, but not as long as the 2nd.  There are other interesting things that can always be added to this too.  But, those weren't in nograpes theory at the time.  So, I'll save that for another day. lol  Well, here we go...enjoy.

Nograpes Theory Part III:

"To go underground is very difficult. Whatever made you unique as a
person, you have to change all of that and become somebody totally
different.  You are out of contact with your family." -Former BLA member.

As I have stated in part II of my theory, I believe Tupac Shakur has gone
"underground," that does not imply going under the earth or anything of
that nature.  The meaning of going underground is what the above^ quote
suggests: that a person must change him/herself, physically, mentally, and
emotionally; including the use of false identification, however, one may
suggest it may be a lot easier to just "fake your death..."

Was Tupac shot 9/7/'96?  Yes
Did Tupac die 9/13/'96?  No

In his song "Hold Ya Head," from his Makaveli album (track 11), he
says: "Running from the authorities, til they capture me, And my aim is
to spread more smiles than tears, utilize lessons learned from my
childhood years..."  [Note, every BLA member who has been
underground has stayed put until they were captured. But this doesn't
mean we won't ever see Tupac again. i.e. Mutulu Shakur (stepfather
of Tupac) underground for 5 years until captured in 1985, Sekou
Odinga (father of Yafeu Fula) underground for 12 years until he was
captured].  In that quote, did Tupac not say that he was going to
"utilize lessons learned from his childhood?"  If you recall during his
childhood he was around members of the BLA, BPP, and RNA (Black
Liberal Army, Black Panther Party, and Republic of New Africans)

Another thing, Tupac often mentions in his songs: "Conversations with
comrades kicking [speaking] Swahili."  Does he really know how to
speak Swahili?  It is possible, not to mention the likeliness of him being
in Africa is very high considering comrade Geronimo Pratt [his
Godfather, and once minister of defense for the BPP] now lives there.
Or how about Cuba, with comrade Assata Shakur?  But then again that
is where everyone would expect him to be. More than likely Tupac is
here, in the "Good, ol' USA."

Many things were reported about Tupac's "death," some things true,
and the rest, of course, false.  Tupac Shakur was shot four times in
Las Vegas, NV on September 7, 1996; and died seven days later on
September 13th.  Part of that sentence was correct, Tupac was shot,
but IT WASN'T TUPAC WHO DIED!!! The media failed, like usual,
to report the more important findings surrounding this assassination
attempt.  How many people are aware of the "plot" to rid the world of
Tupac Shakur?  Not many.  This plot was executed by Marion Suge Knight,
and financed and arranged by the highest-ranking socialites of corporate
and political America (not to mention the aid of Government Agents,
Informants, and the leeway of the Mafia).

Tupac Shakur has always been active politically.  Other than his art
(acting and rapping) he was planning the rebirth of all the "underdogs" in
America.  He devised a plan to transform the street thug into a street
soldier.  He noticed that no one in government wanted to deal with the
problems in the urban ghettos. He realized the potential in the young men
[that] society had thrown away.

He knew there was a way to change the mentality of those involved in the
street hustle.  "I think gangs can be positive, it just has to be organized
and without violence."  He developed a code of ethics for all people
engaged in criminal activity (drug dealers, gang bangers, etc) to live by
with hopes of rebuilding urban communities, eliminating black on black
and all [other] racially motivated violence, provide strength and economic
stability into the community by maintaining black owned business, instead
of drug dealing, and he made plans to reform the education system.  Tupac
would frequently invoke the names of Mutulu, Geronimo, and other "political
prisoners" in his lyrics.  "It was like their words with my voice," he said, "I
just continued where they left off.  I tried to add spark to it, I tried to be
the new breed, the new generation.  I tried to make them proud of me."
But, at the same time, he did not want to be them.  Their revolution, and in
most cases their lives, too, were ashes.  Tupac saw a problem plaguing his
generation: self-destruction.  In order to CHANGE the future he needed
the movement that would focus on some sort of law, or codes, people
involved in crime could live by in order to eventually turn them into
productive citizens in their communities.  His movement was/is called
T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E. (The Hate You Gave Little Infants Fucks Everyone).

He believed with all his heart this movement called T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E. had
a chance.  When the top gangsters began listening and telling Tupac they
would follow his lead- this scared various parties of government; they saw
in Tupac what they feared in Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Fred
Hampton and others- they saw a REVOLUTIONARY.  Seeing how
Tupac outlasted the Media Assault waged against him, and how he was
having a positive and powerful effect on inner cities all around America,
they became intent on eliminating him.  They wanted to do away with
Tupac in a fashion that was old-fashion [assassination] and guaranteed
to work without any connection to them and the crime.  That is where the
Entertainment Industry comes in.  The "establishment," or "power that be,"
have more ties to the entertainment business than anyone.   This plot
involves Agents, Gangsters, CEO's, Informants, Politicians, and
crooked Cops all working in conjunction to assassinate Tupac Shakur.
The establishment all the way down to the actual triggerment under-
estimated Tupac Shakur's intelligence, prophetic instincts, and
determination.  Since the first shooting in 1994 Tupac received death
threats.  After discovering money owed to him was not paid by Suge
Knight the connection between his known enemies and those he did
not know was realized.



While researching his role [Tupac plays a heroin attack] for the movie
Gridlock'd, Tupac spent a lot of time in hospitals, visiting heroin addicts.  It
was in a Bellflower Medical Center [9542 E Artesia Blvd, Bellflower, CA,
L.A.county] that Tupac met Devan Clark, a young man addicted to heroin
and slowly dying of Aids.  Tupac, as well as other people at the center,
was surprised at the strong resemblance the two of them shared.  Tupac
spoke with Devan who admitted to being a long time fan.  He promised
Devan he would return at a later date to listen to his story.  Tupac would
keep his promise as he returned to Devan, but this time he was aware of
the plot on his life and wanted to include Devan in his plan to evade
death.  He asked Devan if he ever heard of a medical procedure called
Euthanasia.  Tupac then offered Devan a proposition: "Give your life,
which is gone already, for your family to have as much money as they
need for the rest of their lives?"  At that point Tupac told Devan about
the plot on his life and who he believed was behind it.  He explained that
he wasn't exactly sure when the attempt would take place, but if he
survived he planned to go away, to fake his death, and he wanted to use
his body to represent his own knowing there would be no way to avoid
the police from wanting to see his dead body.  He told Devan he would
be cremated, so that after initial finger printing they could never view the
body again (It is my belief that Devan Clark accepted Tupac's proposition).

Now understand the clue on the inside of the Makaveli CD cover with the
3 fingerprints.  The coroner takes a minimum of 3 of the deceased fingers
and fingerprints for an identification.  You also see a fingerprint in the
album "R U Still Down Remember Me."  This is also a clue to let us
know he has gone underground "false identification."

How did Tupac get his finger prints on Devan Clark?  It was not as hard
as it may sound.  Actually the task was probably as easy as an egg of Silly
Putty.  Silly Putty is a combination of boric acid and silicone oil, and can be
used to lift fingerprints.  If you put Silly Putty onto your fingers and then
carefully peel the mold and replace it on the hand of another person, it is
possible for you to successfully plant your fingerprints onto them. [Try it!
It's kind of fun, you also need a ink pad]

For Tupac they used something very similar, a combination of boric acid,
silicone oil, and liquid latex to form a very light clear mold in which his
fingerprints were transferred onto Devan Clark [the mold has to be burned
or melted onto the flesh]

The BLA is more than capable of assisting Tupac [their prince].  I've
already proved that Commander John Thomas was in Las Vegas during
that time, as well as many other underground comrades.

Not the best Pic But Try And Note the Height and Weight: Totally Different than Tupac's

In the Impound Lot a Week After the Shooting

A pic of the guys who purchased the car from the Impound.

The Car Supposedly Used for the Shooting.


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  8. I have lots of theories and stuff from other people...but the nograpes was by far the best, different, and had lots of research put into it. The other one that was really good was the Black Mafia one...cuz that starts with his first shooting in '94.

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  14. Was a theory posted by someone else some time ago that I came across. Found it interesting, so I posted it. It was some research that the person who posted it was doing. So, not sure how they got the info.

  15. Were's the car right now and why is there some guys who bought it ?

  16. Sry, haven't been on in a bit. Anyway, not sure where the car is now, or if the same people still have it. I believe the guys who bought it were Canadian or something. Don't remember atm.

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  24. suge did not try to kill tupac lol

    the man payed 4 million dollars + out his own pocket to help pull the whole thing off. pac was in jail with a million dollar bail. he was set up and knew he was gona get railroaded. million dollar + bail is usually set for crimes carrying possible life sentences not for a bullshit rape charge with no evidence.

    when he read "machiavelli" and "sun tzu" he saw his way out. suge heard the plan and agreed to post the million bail. / freedom - 1st step in motion.

    Pac set up an interview from jail and dropped the 1st hints. not for fans but enemies. (i just thought how could i make them sorry they ever did this to me) the art war. / fear tactics - 2nd step

    i wont get into it all but you can get the idea.

    it cost suge another 3 million for the coroner to cremate or like he says "supposedly cremate" him. viva las vegas! where money talks, walks and anything else you want it to.

    If you think its odd that he was cremated several hours after he was pronounced dead your right. even odder to hire a specialist from out of town who works with cadaver's to be part of the autopsy. and odder yet to cremate evidence in an ongoing investigation.

    it wouldn't make much sense to call yourself makaveli and not die, right?

    did he do it just to come back one day? you don't go that far unless you plan to stay gone. especially when all your enemies are now dead!

  25. That is not the same BMW in those pics. If you look close at both of them you will see that the shot grouping is different between the two cars. There are 4 bullet holes in the back door of the car on scene and only 3 on the impound car. Also look close at the shot grouping on the front doors. They are obviously not the same. Different bullet hole patterns.