Sunday, December 5, 2010

Poem By My Bro-n-Law Who Passed 4-14-2005

This Poem was written by my brother-in-law who passed back in 2005.  He wrote this when he was in High School though.  I always thought it was funny.  So, this is short today. 

Oh Dookie, Oh Dookie
How smelly thou art
You smell like shit
or one of my farts
Dost thou not realize
Your attracting flies
I know you are humble
I know you are wise
Oh Dookie, Oh Dookie
That rests on the ground
Your odor is so potent
Yet you don't make a sound
Your hurting my nose
And it's starting to bleed
And why is your body
All covered in seeds
I'll leave for now dookie
I'm walking away
I'll talk to thou
Another day.

Oh Dookie, Oh Dookie
That stuck on my shoe
What the Fuck
Is wrong with you
I thought we were friends
Best buddies for life
But he stuck to my shoe
And ended his life
I thought he was wise
But now he's departed
I guess I was wrong
He was pretty retarded
Oh Dookie, Oh Dookie
How lovely thou art
I think of you dookie
Whenever I fart.

By: C.G. Lucas


  1. I thought he was wise
    But now he's departed
    I guess I was wrong
    He was pretty retarded

    of course :)

  2. That is a nice way to remember someone. By their dookie poem.

    Funny guy :)

  3. Yeah, he was a funny guy. Quiet until you got to know him. Then he would have you laughing hard. Thanx.

  4. I hope to leave something as worthwhile as that behind me.

  5. I don't like poetry that but was beautiful.

  6. I too hope to be able to leave something worthwhile behind. lol Luckily for me...I got to sift thru his comp. after he died and found poems...and scripts n stuff he wrote for fun. So, I have enjoyed reading it...and am glad I got to save it to my harddrive.

  7. Wow, I laughed so hard on the second part where it was stuck on your shoe

    Victor, member of PL Team

  8. he wrote this for a class in high school?

  9. No, he wrote this for fun. All his funny stuff was written for his friends, and sister. He did it just for fun. He was the type that was talented at everything...but was humble...and didn't think he was that great. But, he truly was.

  10. loved the poem man... sorry to hear about your brother in law... bet he would have been a fun dude to hang out with, judging by his sense of humor

  11. Thanx all. And noog yeah he was fun to hang out with. ALways doing something to make you laugh. Will post again when I get a chance. Sick.