Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Other Tupac Theory

  Well, I have the other part of the Tupac Conspiracy Theory that I mentioned before.  It has to do with his first shooting in '94.  This was another possibility, and also had a lot of good information and points.  Most everything else out there is not that great.  So, hope you enjoy and can be a little more enlightened. 


  After Tupac was murdered in Las Vegas, few people paid attention to the shooting which occurred in 1994 at a Times Square recording studio. This was never fully explained, even by Tupac, but police ruled it a robbery attempt of Tupac's thousands of dollars in gold. There are still many questions which need to be answered especially concerning the beef between Tupac and Bad Boy records since Tupac claimed they set the 1994 shooting up. The following story reports everything which I have learned about the shooting. My sources are very credible but keep in mind that I have no hard evidence to back up my claims. Please feel free to judge for yourself whether what I say makes sense or not.

  First we must go back to November 30th, 1994. At 12:20 a.m., Tupac and his entourage of three men, including "Stretch" Walker of the Live Squad who was a close friend and his manager Freddie Moore, enter the building. One black male sits on a desk in the entrance way of the office building where the Quad is located. The man gets up from the desk as two other men walk through the door. Lil' Caesar had yelled down to Tupac's crew from the top of the recording studio so Tupac knew Biggie was there and felt safe thinking that these men were his security. The three men start to follow Tupac's entourage until they get to the elevators. It is at this point that they draw their guns and yell, "Give up the jewelry, and get on the floor!" Tupac's entourage quickly get on the floor but Tupac curses the gunmen and goes for one of the guns. In the struggle, Tupac is shot five times while his manager is hit once. The robbers then get off with $40,000 in jewelry. Moore gives chase to the robbers but collapses next door. Tupac is dragged into the elevator and taken upstairs where there are several well known individuals including Biggie Smalls and Sean "Puffy" Combs. Tupac would later describe the scene as very strange. He said that nobody even got up to help him but only stared at him as if they were surprised he was alive. Tupac said that the only person showing any emotion was Little Shawn who was crying. Later Tupac would mimic this scene in a rare video in which he walks from the elevator covered with blood as Biggie begs for his life blaming Puffy for the set up. This was perhaps Tupac's way of getting the truth to his fans. As he lay riddled with bullets, Tupac reportedly had someone roll him a joint and then he made a call to his girlfriend who called his mother and then he called 911.

Officers arrived on the scene soon after the call was placed. When officers arrived, Tupac was greeted by the same officers which had arrested and testified against him in the sexual assault trial. This would lead many to believe that the police may have had something to do with it or the rape victim was seeking revenge but these would apparently turn out to be false accusations. Tupac had been shot five times throughout his body including two shots to the head. Miraculously he survived and was loaded into the ambulance where one of the greatest pictures of him ever was taken. Covered in blood and bandages, he flips the photographer off. He is rushed to the Bellevue trauma department where he is rushed into surgery. To everyone's surprise, Tupac later checks out less than three hours after his surgery claiming that he fears for his life.

  The next day, Tupac makes a surprise appearance in a Manhattan courtroom in anticipation of the verdict in his sexual assault trial. He is surrounded by Nation of Islam bodyguards and is in a wheelchair.  Although the verdict comes back guilty of a lesser offense, Tupac is rallied around by friends Jasmine Guy and Mickey Rourke. He remained free on $25,000 bail.

  Soon after he was sentenced to serve time on Riker's Island. Very little happened while he was in prison although he would reveal later that people in prison were telling him that it was Biggie's boy who shot him. Tupac's cousin even witnessed the shooters bragging that they had just shot him. These details were revealed by Tupac in one of his last interviews with KMEL. Almost one year later, Tupac was freed on bail pending appeal by Marion "Suge" Knight of Death Row records in exchange for a three album deal with Death Row.

  As soon as Tupac got to California, Tabitha Soren of MTV met with him for an interview. In that interview, Tupac looked deeply troubled when asked about the shooting as if he were scared to give too many details to the public out of fear for another attempt on his life. His confidence seemed to build up after that interview as he went on to point the finger at Bad Boy records as being responsible for the shooting. Puffy would later say that they had nothing to do with the shooting and that Tupac knew who shot him. It seems obvious that it was an inside job based on the fact that the robbers knew where he would be. Also, the robbers went right after Tupac rather than deal with Stretch who was much bigger. Tupac would later have a falling out with Stretch as Stretch became close with Bad Boy and had possibly known of the setup. Stretch was later found murdered execution style in Jamaica, Queens (NYC) exactly one year to the day after Tupac was shot in New York. Is that just another coincidence? I have heard that Stretch had been warned that his life was in danger, but he disregarded these warnings.

  Tupac tells a lot of things in the song "Against All Odds" on the Makaveli album. When he says, "And that nigga that was down with me/ Restin' dead/ Switched sides, guess his new friends wanted him dead/ Probably was murdered for the shit that I said," he is talking about Stretch. When he says, "Puffy's gettin' robbed like a bitch/ To hide that fact, he did some shit he shouldn't did/ So now he's ridin' for that," he is talking about Puffy being involved in the set up and being robbed by the financiers of Bad Boy. Perhaps he wasn't robbed as much if he helped set Tupac up. That would explain Puffy being more involved while Biggie just knew about the set up. There is another part of the song which possibly relates to the set up. When he says, "And did I mention/ Promised a payback, Jimmy Henchman/ In due time/ I knew you bitch niggas was listening/ The world is mine/ Set me up/ Wet me up/ Niggas stuck me up/ Heard the guns bust/ But you tricks never shut me up," he could either be implicating Henchmen Management/Entertainment in the shooting or the verse is split and he is just talking about another beef he had with them. Interpret how you want, but Tupac was telling the truth when he said "This be the realest shit I ever wrote."

  All signs pointed to Bad Boy at least knowing before hand of the shooting. Tupac never said Bad Boy was directly responsible, only that they "set him up." He would later say that he had met the shooter because he was a friend of Biggie's and Biggie had warned Tupac not to mess with him. When Tupac said that Bad Boy "set him up," he meant that they didn't warn him of the coming attack and possibly provided info about his location that night. Tupac had also said that he kept getting calls asking why he wasn't at the studio yet because he was delayed an hour trying to get some weed. Why would Bad Boy have been so concerned about getting him to the studio that late? It seems very obvious they were in on it.

Now, that all the details are laid out, the new question becomes what was the motive if it wasn't just a routine robbery? This question must be asked because why would Bad Boy set Tupac up for a $40,000 robbery by common thieves. That wouldn't make sense at all since they were all friends at the time. There was a more powerful party at work here, not just common thieves, who were powerful enough to force Puffy and Biggie to cooperate out of fear. This is where things get really interesting.

The story is that Tupac was shot because of some dealings with some shady people in New York known as the "Black Mafia." These people, it is rumored, financed Bad Boy records. Tupac met some of these people in New York, including the mysterious Trevor aka King Tut who later admitted to some undercover cops that he had been involved in the shooting and it was because Tupac "needed to be disciplined."  Who paid for Tut's legal bills?  None other than Puffy who still denies it.  It is said that these "Black Mafia" characters demanded that Tupac sign on to Bad Boy records since Bad Boy still really wasn't on the scene and needed an artist like Tupac but Tupac refused the demands. Tupac was supposed to die that night. This was punishment for saying no. If you remember Tupac, in his first interview after being shot, said in Vibe that people were trying to kill him. These were those people. That is another reason why Tupac went to Death Row, because Suge could provide the protection he needed. Puffy played the real role in this shooting, although Biggie knew about it. Puffy didn't order the shooting, he however, helped set up Tupac. Also, if you recall, Tupac never said Puffy did it, he said he was set up by Puffy.

There is also another possibility behind the motive of the shooting which is different from punishing Tupac for not signing with Bad Boy.   After the rape case started, Tupac blamed Jacques Agnant a.k.a. Haitain Jack for setting him up in the trial.  This was suspicious because Tupac got the absolute maximum penalty for the charges he was found guilty of while Agnant received like 3 months suspended sentence and he was rumored to be a federal informant which is why Pac called him a snitch.  In the N.Y. Daily News, in an article by a reporter who was talking about the rape case, the reporter, Pac and Mickey Rourke were in a restaurant and Pac dissed Jack in the article.  In Vibe, Pac said that Nigel (Haitain Jack) introduced him to Booker (Jimmy Henchmen) and that Jimmy knew somebody that Pac had major beef with meaning Jack and Trevor aka Walter (King Tut) Johnson.  King Tut was the one that Tupac said, in the interview with Tech and Sway on KMEL, that a week before he was shot Tut walked in with Biggie and Biggie told Pac not to fuck with him.  So right there, you can see that Biggie knew the shooter quite well. Also, in that jail interview, Pac was asked if the shooters were both black men and Pac said that they were black men in their thirties.  Both King Tut and Jack were both in their thirties.   They both shot him up and it was Jimmy Henchman that called him up. So this other motive is that King Tut shot Pac because he "needed to be disciplined" for dissing Jack in that article because he was Tut's homeboy.

There were still a few issues which didn't seem to fit.   Originally, Pac thought that the police had set him up.  He kind of abandoned that accusation but here is a quote about the scene after the shooting:

"Officers arrived on the scene soon after the call was placed. When officers arrived, Tupac was greeted by the same officers which had arrested and testified against him in the sexual assault trial. This would lead many to believe that the police may have had something to do with it or the rape victim was seeking revenge but these would apparently turn out to be false accusations."

This seems more than coincidence because New York City has a special case squad located in the 13th precinct. The detectives in this squad handle all high profile cases within NYC. They would have been called to the scene immediately after confirmation that this was a Tupac related incident.  But who shows up, the same officers that arrested Pac.  Coincidence or conspiracy?

This is the story of the 1994 shooting in New York City. Think of it what you will but realize that there is more to the music business than the ordinary media will show. With all the details emerging from this shooting nearly 2 and a half years later, we must ask ourselves if the shooting in Las Vegas was just another jewelry robbery or if it was the complex situation like that which surrounded the 1994 shooting. Keep in mind that Tupac was shot in 1994 because he didn't sign a contract therefore not making money for Bad Boy and it was covered up with the front of a robbery. Now we must ask, was Tupac shot in Las Vegas in 1996 because his contract was over with Death Row and it was covered up with the medallion robbery story. Did history repeat itself? You be the judge.

*That was part of the conspiracy that dealt with the "Black Mafia."  The following were comments to this post by other people familiar with the "Black Mafia" and who have delved into the Tupac shootings.*

They've (Black Mafia) been around for years. They helped Bad Boy get started and Puffy wanted Pac on his label. That's supposedly one of the reasons why he got into it with them in the fist place after the shooting and everything.

The whole shit is crazy, 'cause how the fuck did these cats know where Pac was gonna be if it was a set up from some homies on another coast?..I heard Puff does hang with some real street homies.  If they're extorting him, he's dumb that's on him...

Puffy use to get extorted by his bodyguard. I forgot his name but that bodyguard is dead now and he was part of the reason why Suge had a problem with Puff (before the west vs east coast thing)
Pac shot for not signing to Bad Boy; Pac shot 'cause of $40,000 worth of jewelry with a street value under $15,000? That's all bs. There was more to this shit. I love Pac, but we can't forget in Pac's younger days he had a reckless mouth and a very reckless style. Pac talked ALOT...Maybe Pac said something that would expose B.M.F. But, the 94 shooting was about more than $40,000 in jewelry (word is that shit wasn't worth 40, and that was just a good coverup----making it look like a simple robbery to the uninformed).

(Against All Odds was about B.M.F.) and the part where Pac says, "I know u bitch niggaz is listenin', the world is mine" is a diss to B.M.F. who's slogan has been "the world is ours." That's why that was some real shit, 'cause at the time regular people just thought Pac was saying "the world is mine," but infact he was talking to B.M.F., that's gangsta.

I remember somebody saying a while back that Pac knew he would not be alive when Against All Odds came out, he mentioned too much street shit that regular cats didn't know anything about.

...The biggest attribute to those gangsters is extortion. They know who's gay, they got sex tapes, you may have ordered someone to murk somebody, they got info like that and will exhort you. Puff's been paying them their money plus interest, but they got so much dirt on Puff, they'll forever be on Puff's payroll. Puff can't use another crime family to get out of his dealings with B.M.F., too much shit has went down over the years--- he's in too deep.

...Jimmy Henchmen is Game's manager and owns Henchmen Entertainment, which a lot of mainstream artists have ties with (probably extortion / protection money links)

Also Hatitian Jack sued Pac's estate for millions after Pac died as he says he cannot find a job now that everyone thinks he's an informant.

...In an interview just before he died, he said he names all of the people who set him up on the Makaveli album.

    I think Biggie, etc., knew that Tut, etc., was gonna set him up and didn't say ish. That's why he was pissed with Bad Boy.

And all these dudes knew each other which makes it even more believable, but Biggie knew what was going down but was scared to talk.

The guy who destroyed Puff's cousin is from BMF, his name is Meech
Yeah he's the head guy of BMF...

It's strange as they're Black Mafia Family, but Puff pays money to the Black Mafia in New york for protection. I wondered if both gangs are linked and Puffy refused to keep paying them so they popped his new bodyguard or something?

Man, Puff owed BMF a lot of money back then...

He had a big problem betting on basketball.

He must of had faith in the Knicks or somethin...
cause rumors were back then, he was just signing over his checks from Ready To Die (Biggie's Album) to them.

Tut used to walk around East New York with Pac's chain on.  Ask any real homie from Brooklyn, they'll tell you. Haitian Jack's Wyclef's godfather, so that's how the Fugees got dragged in that ish. Pac shouted some real Brooklyn extortion homiez on that track, and he knew there was gonna be repercussions. I had a new respect for Pac also after I heard that ish, and found out what was really going on. Most people thought it was on some East Coast vs. West Coast ish, but Pac was on some survival ish. He knew Death Row was the only unit strong enough to hold him down; and he still got popped...

Always wondered why he dissed the Fugees, props for that...

Pac was destroyed because he was too smart for his own good. He was Bigger Than hip hop. Look at his ties: Black Panther's, Suge, BMF, (B.L.A., Bloods and Crips), he's smart and he got money. A homie like that can't live, the MAN won't let him.

...this gettin' kinda clear now. I head that that homie Big Meech was the real owner of Bad Boy south...maybe this was Puff's way of payin his debt off to the BMF, let them homies invest in a legit record label to wash that dirty money.
All that is known is that them BMF cats have alot of pull down there....the rumor back in the day was that they provided seed money for Bad Boy and used the label to wash dirty money....

If you listen to the last 2 interviews that Pac did, "In His Own Words," and the one that was on the "Thug Immortal" dvd, he tells you what's really going on in deeper detail...he even says, "what it is is that them east coast drug dealers got them homies under extortion and I came and fucked up everything."  He was also saying something about them wanting him to join Bad Boy and he said no, and talked about it in an interview in the news papers and they were also heated at him about that.

...2pac went in the NY TIMES (Newspaper) and said: "Hatian Jack, King Tut and Black Mafia is extorting Biggie & Puffy...them don't pay them shit." Why you think Pac got his ass shot in NY?  If you could read the paper about 93/ would know in plain English what he was saying...

I'm listening to the Makaveli album all day , just wondering about at the end of that ish it has never be clear to me about who he really was talking about when he said "Against All Odds"

(Twenty-one gun salute)
One love to my true thug niggas (Outlaw! Outlaw! Outlaw!)
Twenty-one gun salute to my niggas that die in the line of duty
Representin to the fullest bein soldiers with military minds
that play the rules of the game, twenty-one gun salute
I salute you my niggas, stay strong
I ride for you, I rhyme for you, I roll for you, it's all for you
To all you bitch made homies, I'm comin for you
Against all odds, I don't care who the fuck you is, nigga
You touch me I'm at you
I know you motherfuckers think that I forgot
Hell no I ain't forgot nigga
I just remember what you told me
You said don't go to war unless I got my money behind me
Aight, I got my money right here, now I want war

There was more comments and other information, but I didn't want to make it any longer.  Basically, if you get the gist of it...BMF was involved in Pac's '94 shooting.  It can also lead one to believe that they may have finished the job in Las Vegas, since they didn't kill him the 1st time.  BMF is very powerful, lots of ties, lots of money, and could pay people off to accomplish...even Suge Knight if the price was right.  Because Suge was all about making money.

I wanted this one posted so you had another theory to work with...and because it kind of ties in with the nograpes theory also.  She mentions all of these people.  So, it could be that Pac was in so deep that in order to survive he had to fake his own death. Either to get away from the government trying to assassinate him, or BMF, or someone else.  Or it could be like he said in Against All Odds, "I'll probably be murdered for the shit that I said."  He spoke out about BMF and government informants, so they could have worked together to get the job done.  Regardless, there are many theories out there.  Based on what you have read and seen, and any research you may have done, or may do, you can come to your own conclusion.  Anyway you look at it though, there was a conspiracy somewhere in it.

If any of you have more info, more facts, or more research you have done, I welcome you all to contribute.  I find it interesting and love to learn new things all the time.  Or if you have any questions, feel free to ask, and I will do my best to answer them, or find the answer for you.


  1. wow... imo you're thinking about this too much buddy. He was just a rapper. Arguably one of the greatest, but still just a rapper. Do we really need to come up with long complex conspiracy theories about his death?

    1. He was the ghettos Jesus. Lil wayne is jus a rapper. Tupac had the ear of Americas youth and had big time moneys dealings thy turntable powerful heads. A dangerous life to lead. Thug prophet

  2. lmao...not my theories. Just throwing em out there cause they are ones people never heard before...groups people prob. never heard of.

  3. Have you heard 2Pac - Ghost?
    One of my favorite songs right now.

  4. Yeah...heard every Tupac song. lol Back when he died I had all his unreleased Makaveli cds. Ghost is a great song.

  5. He is definitely a legend. Legends deserve tall tales, you know, for the kids. Rock and roll has all it's stories and lore; hip-hop needs stuff like this too.

  6. TL;DR: Tupac's alive because of good evidence...

  7. Pac's still alive my man. Kicking it on some warm sunny island somewhere, living off fat royalty checks (god I wish that was true). RIP, rap superstar - there will never be another...

  8. Wow, I plowed through all of that-- interesting theory that does feel like it could be true.

  9. Whether he's alive or gone let's just enjoy his music that he left us :)

  10. the point is believe it or not "CONSPIRACY THEORY"


  11. In the first picture he looks like a black hobbit.

  12. This is a lot of work here. Pretty interesting to think about

  13. yeah ill say again man excellent theory, good post

  14. i had never heard of that shooting in 94, then again i was only 4 years old

  15. Thanx for the comments and I'm glad you all seem to like it. I'm gonna try and post once more this week/weekend...and hit all your pages up...but I have my kids for the next week...Xmas probably won't be on...or on much.

  16. Yeah Auto, he got shot 4 times, n then that night he checked himself out the hospital and showed up to court the next day to hear the jury verdict of his alleged rape case.

  17. There's so many theories but even if the stuff seems messed, I guess he really died.

  18. Haha cooperlife you dont know nothing about him if you told he was only rapper. Your knowledge are bullshit like you

  19. to me there is always more then whats meet the eye we all no that was not about money it was about bmp and puffy owning them something

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